Andrea Freda
is Gonna Kick Cancer's Ass Website

Here's the deal...

Late in the evening on September 27, 2010
Jeff Inahara joined Andrea.  It was exactly 19 months that Jeff & Andrea were without each other.

Jeff would want us all to have a great meal and travel, travel, travel...
Jeff and Andrea you are both in our thoughts and hearts and always will be...Oh...OK, you too Veronica!


Already a year has past and it barely seems like a heartbeat...


It was mid-morning Friday, February 27, 2009 when our beloved Andrea Freda passed through her turnstile on the way to a more comfortable place.

 Word cannot express the loss of such a beautiful and genuine soul, the world was a better place because of her and will be a better place thanks to her.

Andrea celebrated life and would want you to be doing exactly that right now.  Take a moment to share a story with the world about her on the Guest Book page on this website.

Andrea's website will always remain active and continue to grow, provide information, inspiration and support to others that are forced to take up battle with Cancer until we all Kick Cancer's Ass!